May 31, 2017

Project Profile: Campground Blue Pine at Breakside Brewery

By KC Eisenberg

When it comes to Breakside Brewery, the award-winning beer and excellent food are generally all the reasons people need to visit again and again. But at their new Slabtown location in NW Portland, we've got another great reason: The show-stopping Campground Blue Pine in the Pendleton Room.

This private dining and event space was designed to be a modern interpretation of traditional Northwest themes. Pendleton-patterned draperies adorn the floor-to-ceiling windows and custom upholstered dining chairs. The naturally-stained wood was a perfect choice to complement the colors and themes in this space: The wall paneling looks fresh and modern, and the natural wave of the live-edge communal table softens and warms the space.

Our Campground Blue Pine was sourced from beetle-kill and fire-salvage trees in Central and Southern Oregon. We work with small mills, including Malheur Lumber Company in John Day, for this special wood.

Craftsmanship by Clarkbuilt LLC and Mallet PDX.
April 13, 2016

Top 3 Ways to Use Campground Blue Pine

By KC Eisenberg

We're all familiar with pine paneling on the walls. It's a well-known rustic look, evocative of mountain lodges and the Wild West. But what else can we do with it? In what new and interesting ways can pine be expressed? 

Our Campground Blue Pine is known for its exceptional color patterns. It earns its name: Because of the mountain pine beetle, the wood has incredible blue striping that pops against the vanilla tones of the pine. It looks fantastic in modern spaces, especially when paired with concrete, white tile, or stainless steel.

Here are three of our favorite ways to show off this gorgeous wood:

1. Countertops: Our Campground Blue Pine makes gorgeous countertops and butcher block surfaces! We love this lightweight, easy-to-mill surface when used in modern, sleek spaces like the ADU shown below. This ADU was designed by Polyphon and built by JRA and uses our Campground Blue Pine for its countertops, flooring, and trim.

2. Floors: Campground Blue Pine is a lightweight, inexpensive option for solid wood flooring that adds color and interest. It is available in standard widths and wide plank styles, too!

3. Architectural panels: Blue pine is a sleek and modern choice for retail spaces and reception desks. We love the Torzo panels that were milled into ultra-durable, ultra-modern, and very memorable doors and accent walls that are shown in the commercial space below. Torzo infuses our Campground Blue Pine with acrylic at their factory in Woodburn, OR. The resulting panels are suitable for high-impact commercial installations including flooring, table tops, and wall cladding (check out more photos here).

August 14, 2012

Blue pine and juniper: What a beautiful dream!


When you're visiting this year's Street of Dreams, be sure to look up!  Our Campground Blue Pine adds a fresh layer of texture and color to the ceilings in the "Oregon Dream" home on this year's tour.  The paneling was used in the home's study and master bedroom, where it was paired with sophisticated tones of blue and gray for an elegant, polished aesthetic. 

The home also features Restoration Juniper fireplace mantles.  The home's builders, Stone Bridge Homes, opted to leave the slabs in their natural state with the bark still attached for an authentic, untouched look.  Again, the effect is elegance, especially when paired with the home's carefully curated art and furniture.

The home was designed by Skyline Homes and the interiors were composed by Lisa Shipley at  Imagine Home Staging.

July 24, 2012

Wide-plank blue pine flooring for a decidedly modern interior


When most folks think of blue pine, the image conjured in their heads is a rustic mountain cabin replete with deer heads on the walls and Adirondack-style furniture in every room.

So it's refreshing that the design team behind this project interpreted blue pine's distinctive look in a totally different way.  The floors in this home are 12" wide planks of blue pine. When paired with the home's simple white walls, glass tile backsplash, and modern light fixtures, the results are crisp, clean, modern lines.  We love it!

This gorgeous home is a gut remodel in Southeast Portland recently completed by JRA Green Building, which in addition to the striking blue pine floors also features FSC cedar siding and decking and fantastic energy upgrades.  Potential homeowners may enjoy knowing it's on the market

June 27, 2012

Campground Blue Pine: These salvaged trees can save your style


Our Campground Blue Pine is a good wood to choose for your next green building project.  Eco-conscious builders and designs everywhere will appreciate its story, which begins in forests across the West...

Starting in the mid-90's, a massive beetle epidemic has swept across the arid lands west of the Mississippi.  To say that it is the largest insect infestation in American history is, in truth, an understatement of the changes occuring in America's forests.  So far more than 150 million acres of pine forest, from southern Colorado deep into Canada and from the Dakotas to the Cascades, have fallen prey to the beetles, turning formerly green mountains into vast slopes of dead brown skeletons.  And the beetles' range continues to expand each year.

As can be expected, the causes of this epidemic are complex.  Warming temperatures have enabled the beetles to reproduce all year and also survive the formerly harsh winters that once kept their numbers down.  The natural fire cycle that once cleaned beetles out of forests, thinned stands of trees, and enabled many tree species to reproduce, is now suppressed from the first spark.  And hotter, drier summers have stressed trees, making them more vulnerable to attack and less able to fight off the intruders. 

When the beetles bore their first holes in a tree, they introduce a fungus that they carry around in a specialized pouch in their heads.  The two species work hand-in-hand, with one facilitating the other's success.  As scientists have recently observed, the fungus eats the tree's natural antifungal resins, turning what should be a poison into a food source.  As a final gesture of goodwill to its insect hosts, the fungus injects the tree with a chemical that basically turns off the tree's water main, preventing it from circulating water and sap through its system.  This allows the beetles to make their final push into the now-defenseless tree.

It is this same fungus that lends the infested trees their beautiful blue stain.  Today, blue pine is a representation of our changing world, a natural product that for many years was seen as defective but which today we appreciate because of its ample supply, its charming aesthetic properties, and its poignant story.

In fact, cutting the blue pine trees can be a positive and proactive approach to managing the forests.  Strategically removing dead trees from high-use areas such as campgrounds and parks can help reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and property damage -- provided it is done in an ecologically sensitive and responsible way (increasing evidence shows that even beetle-kill forests are full of wildlife, and forest floors bloom with wildflowers and insects following a good burn). 

Plus the milling of these trees provides jobs in areas that have been economically suppressed for many years, restoring lumber jobs to towns that developed for them. 

And, of course, each time a person chooses blue pine for their project over another wood alternative, they are choosing to preserve the vitality--and the carbon sequestration abilities--of a living tree.

Blue pine is ideal for interior applications including wall and ceiling paneling and furniture.  While it is softer than some other types of wood, with the proper care it can also be used as a durable, cost-effective, and all-natural option for flooring.  We especially like the work of several artists and woodworkers who have begun to use denim pine, including the modernist designs at I've Got Wood Furniture in Colorado (see photo at left) and the minimalist tables and chairs designed and built by students for Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics.  We also love the sweeping back patio roof and walls at Rontoms in Portland, which JRA Green Building recently made out of our locally-sourced blue pine.

Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to partner with small mills that are salvaging beetle-killed pine trees from public parks and campgrounds where the dead standing trees pose a risk to human users.

In addition to our in-stock paneling in both 6" and 8" faces, we also carry 4/4 lumber in widths up to 12" that is perfect for furniture, trim, and other creative applications, and 8/4 live-edge slabs in lengths up to 12' and widths up to 20". 

January 30, 2012

Blue pine flooring adds shabby chic to this French boutique


Marguerite, a charming French boutique in Portland's Sellwood neighborhood, uses our blue pine flooring and paneling to add rustic-yet-refined style to its aesthetics-driven space. 

The flooring was installed in a remarkable herringbone pattern, and the ceiling paneling was given a white-washed finish to soften the lines and illuminate the ceiling.

Many individuals, upon hearing that pine is a "softwood," are concerned about its long-term durability when used as flooring.  Marguerite's enduring beauty proves that with the right care and maintenance, blue pine flooring will look and perform great for many years, even in high-traffic spaces like this retail shop.