Mar 20 2012

Local FSC Western Red Cedar builds beautiful, durable decks and outdoor structures


Now that it's officially springtime, it's time think about what you're going to do for your back yard and garden this year.  If you're shopping for lumber for decking, fences, arbors, or raised garden beds, be sure to ask about our Western Red Cedar!

Sustainable Northwest Wood's Western Red Cedar is FSC Pure and is sourced from restorative forestry projects within 100 miles of Portland's city limits.  It is cut as part of forest restoration projects that are designed to restore the health of the forest by opening the canopy and promoting diversity in tree species and age range.  
Much of our cedar comes from the Nature Conservancy's Ellsworth Creek Preserve, from the Forest Grove watershed restoration program, and from the Homestead Girl Scout camp in Zigzag.  We partner with small, family-owned mills to source the logs and cut and dry the lumber.

Cedar is an excellent choice for outdoor projects and offers many years of beauty and durability.  Much like juniper, cedar is naturally high in aromatic oils that repel insects and slow decay, but offers a more refined look with a silky, strawberry-blonde grain.  It is ideal for chemical-free raised garden beds and other uses where homeowners wish to avoid pressure-treated lumber.


  • 2x4 surfaced decking
  • 2x6 surfaced decking
  • 4x4 rough, full dimension
  • 1x6 rough fence board
  • Custom sizes and profiles     

Photos, from top left: A home in Southeast Portland boasts a cedar fence and living wall; the deck at the home in Beaver Creek is made of our cedar; a cedar nurse log hosts a young tree at an FSC forest 40 miles from Portland.