January 17, 2012

A perfect match - flat-sawn fir completes this historic renovation


Craftsman Design and Renovation, an award-winning Portland design-and-build firm, recently completed this beautiful historic kitchen remodel.  One of the project's challenges was finding flat-sawn fir that would match the home's existing original wood trim.

Luckily, the design team at Craftsman called Sustainable Northwest Wood, and we were able to provide them with the authentic flat-sawn look they needed to perfectly match the existing trim (see photos below).

However, they didn't want just any anonymous commodity lumber for this project -- they specified super-selectively harvested, FSC Pure wood from a Girl Scout camp just 20 miles outside of the city. 

This FSC certified wood was cut through restorative forestry overseen by the folks at Trout Mountain Forestry.

Photos by Pete Eckert for Craftsman Design and Renovation.  


January 10, 2012

Doug fir butcher block really pops at Sizzle Pie's new shop


What's hotter that the pizza at Sizzle Pie's new location on West Burnside?

The countertops!

The inimitable Garth Klipper at G. Steel Design Build built them out of Sustainable Northwest Wood's FSC Pure Douglas fir butcher block. 

The wood was sourced from the Mountaindale Outdoor Program Center, a Girl Scout property in North Plains, Oregon, where it was super-selectively harvested by Trout Mountain Forestry as part of a campaign to help restore old growth conditions to the forest. 

We love how the butcher block graces nearly every horizontal surface in the shop, from the cashier counter at the front to each of the dining tables and counters. 

Our sustainably-sourced fir was also used for trim elements throughout the space. 

Next time you're in the area, stop by for a delicious slice and check out this beautiful new installation of sustainable, local wood!


January 05, 2012

Local, sustainable, affordable wood flooring - Yes, it is possible!


When it's time to start thinking about new flooring for your home renovation projects, Sustainable Northwest Wood has the solution for you.  Our solid wood flooring is made from locally-grown trees that are harvested sustainably.  Because we work directly with the lumber mills, these options are also affordable and promise decades of beauty and durability.

Here's what we keep in stock at our warehouse in Southeast Portland:


Oregon White Oak - Oregon White Oak is the Pacific Northwest's only native species of oak tree.  This super-durable flooring comes from trees harvested in the Willamette and Umpqua Valleys and is either FSC certified or comes from members of the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities partnership.  We love it with mixed face widths of 3", 5", and 7", but custom sizes are available, too.

Cascade Farmhouse Maple - Western Big Leaf Maple is ideally suited for flooring and offers warm gold tones and years of durability.  Our Cascade Farmhouse maple flooring is FSC certified and comes with a 5" face.  It is milled from trees that are harvested just south of the Puget Sound in Washington.

Zigzag Doug Fir - Our Zigzag Doug fir is perfect for matching the historic fir flooring in the Northwest's old homes.  This FSC Pure flooring is milled from trees that are super-selectively cut at the Homestead Girl Scout Camp on Mount Hood's western slope, just 40 miles east of Portland.  It offers a 3 1/4" face width and is Clear Vertical Grain.

Antique Doug Fir - This FSC Pure flooring comes from Forest Grove, where it was selectively cut as part of a watershed restoration program.  It has a flat grain and is perfect for farmhouse, rustic, and other styles where a less formal, more authentic look is desired.  It comes with a 5 1/4" face.  Expect a few knots and lots of Doug Fir personality with this choice!

All of our flooring is kiln-dried, with an end-matched tongue-and-groove profile for a traditional nail-down installation, and comes bundled with lengths up to 12'.  We recommend a natural oil finish for our hardwood floors, which allows the homeowner to easily maintain the floor without needing to move out and hire a professional to refinish it a few years down the road.

Please call or email us for pricing and current stock.

November 29, 2011

It's official! New product launch of our exclusive Zigzag Doug Fir


It's official! Sustainable Northwest Wood is now stocking our exclusive Zigzag Doug Fir.

Zigzag Doug Fir is FSC Pure and is sourced from the small town of Zigzag, 40 miles east of Portland on the southern slope of Mount Hood.

This clear vertical grain Doug Fir is selectively harvested from the Creighton Homestead, a 35-acre historic property owned by the Girl Scouts that is used as a scout camp and educational facility.  The forest is managed by Portland-based Trout Mountain Forestry.  The logs were cut and processed by a small, family-owned mill just south of Portland.

The Zigzag forest is a dense mixed conifer forest that supports a broad range of plant and animal life, including old growth Doug Fir, Western Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maple, Alder, and many other species of flora and fauna (see photo at left, taken from the trail that winds through the property). Trout Mountain is careful to manage it in a way that promotes forest health through strategic thinning and allows many generations of each tree species to flourish.

The trees in this parcel of forest have never experienced a clear cut.  A forest fire cleaned out much of the growth in the early twentieth century, a few years before the Creighton family settled on the land in 1912 and built their homes and outbuildings out of wood felled on site.  Since then, the forest has regrown and now the majority of its population is nearing a hundred years old. A few trees have been cut every so often, and stumps in varying states of decay can be seen, many of which have become nurse logs for new trees.  

The most remarkable aspect of a trip down the homestead nature trail, part of which comprises the old Barlow Toll Road (at right), is how hard it is to see that logging has occurred.  While the stumps remain, the forest is still intact, and its health and diversity is evident with every bend in the path.

Our kiln-dried, Clear Vertical Grain Zigzag Doug Fir is stocked in 1x6 surfaced trim and 1x6 rough blanks. 

We also stock kiln-dried Clear Vertical Grain flooring with the historically accurate face width of 3 1/4".

Check out our Photo Gallery for more images and information from our recent visit to the forest.


September 29, 2011

New ADU in Southeast Portland showcases FSC and salvaged wood


Built by homeowner Brent Foster, this adorable ADU in Southeast Portland is made entirely from FSC-certified or salvaged lumber.  Foster, a woodworking hobbyist, designed and built the structure to incorporate many sustainable features, including an innovative graywater system, 12" thick walls, and an ecoroof.

The ecoroof is held in place on its slope by a grid of juniper boards, strategically placed beneath the soil, which are rot-resistant for years and ideal for a ground-contact application like this. 

Foster also used locally-sourced, FSC certified lumber for the framing package, and sided the home in FSC certified cedar shakes.

Inside, an adorable table made from local FSC cedar grounds the space and adds rustic charm.  A stained concrete floor, slate mosaic tile backsplash, and cabinetry made from salvaged Doug fir add earthy color and texture. 

Outside, a hand-made cedar gate and arbor beckon guests into the yard.  A  verdant DIY living wall, nearing completion, will be installed nearby.

Foster's new space is a shining example of innovative sustainable building techniques.  Nice work, Brent!

September 13, 2011

Sustainable wood: It's not just for buildings! Check out this handmade boat...


This handmade boat boasts oars, gunwales, and breasthooks made out of local, sustainably sourced wood.  Isn't she a beauty?

Her name is Rosie, and she is the product of months of love and labor by a team of Portland women who, under the tutelage of the Wind and Oar boat school, took up woodworking tools for the first time in their lives and crafted this amazing functional piece of art.  The gunwales and oars are made of clear vertical grain Doug fir sourced from forests just outside of Portland; the beautifully figured maple in the breasthooks is from the central Willamette Valley; and the floor boards are made of local Alder.

Check out the photos here:  Rosie full length -- Rosie's breasthooks -- Rosie's Oars -- Oars close-up

Read more about Wind and Oar in this Oregonian feature.

July 29, 2011

OMFG Co. officially manufactures some seriously good-looking fir


The guys over at The Official Manufacturing Co. know a thing or two about great design.  We love how they've incorporated our locally-sourced, FSC-certified Doug fir into their new office space in Southeast Portland.  They took basic dimensional lumber most often used for framing buildings and turned it into super-functional and unique work surfaces.

Doug fir says "Portland" more than any other species of wood and offers a warm and welcoming amber color with an interesting linear grain pattern.  OMFG Co. artfully combined these elements with a sleek black concrete floor and lots of well-curated vintage accessories to create a space that perfectly reflects their distinctive aesthetic.  We can't wait to see what they do next!

OMFG Co. desk -- OMFG Co. work table

More of their great design and branding: