Nov 29 2011

It's official! New product launch of our exclusive Zigzag Doug Fir


It's official! Sustainable Northwest Wood is now stocking our exclusive Zigzag Doug Fir.

Zigzag Doug Fir is FSC Pure and is sourced from the small town of Zigzag, 40 miles east of Portland on the southern slope of Mount Hood.

This clear vertical grain Doug Fir is selectively harvested from the Creighton Homestead, a 35-acre historic property owned by the Girl Scouts that is used as a scout camp and educational facility.  The forest is managed by Portland-based Trout Mountain Forestry.  The logs were cut and processed by a small, family-owned mill just south of Portland.

The Zigzag forest is a dense mixed conifer forest that supports a broad range of plant and animal life, including old growth Doug Fir, Western Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maple, Alder, and many other species of flora and fauna (see photo at left, taken from the trail that winds through the property). Trout Mountain is careful to manage it in a way that promotes forest health through strategic thinning and allows many generations of each tree species to flourish.

The trees in this parcel of forest have never experienced a clear cut.  A forest fire cleaned out much of the growth in the early twentieth century, a few years before the Creighton family settled on the land in 1912 and built their homes and outbuildings out of wood felled on site.  Since then, the forest has regrown and now the majority of its population is nearing a hundred years old. A few trees have been cut every so often, and stumps in varying states of decay can be seen, many of which have become nurse logs for new trees.  

The most remarkable aspect of a trip down the homestead nature trail, part of which comprises the old Barlow Toll Road (at right), is how hard it is to see that logging has occurred.  While the stumps remain, the forest is still intact, and its health and diversity is evident with every bend in the path.

Our kiln-dried, Clear Vertical Grain Zigzag Doug Fir is stocked in 1x6 surfaced trim and 1x6 rough blanks. 

We also stock kiln-dried Clear Vertical Grain flooring with the historically accurate face width of 3 1/4".

Check out our Photo Gallery for more images and information from our recent visit to the forest.