Jul 29 2011

OMFG Co. officially manufactures some seriously good-looking fir


The guys over at The Official Manufacturing Co. know a thing or two about great design.  We love how they've incorporated our locally-sourced, FSC-certified Doug fir into their new office space in Southeast Portland.  They took basic dimensional lumber most often used for framing buildings and turned it into super-functional and unique work surfaces.

Doug fir says "Portland" more than any other species of wood and offers a warm and welcoming amber color with an interesting linear grain pattern.  OMFG Co. artfully combined these elements with a sleek black concrete floor and lots of well-curated vintage accessories to create a space that perfectly reflects their distinctive aesthetic.  We can't wait to see what they do next!

OMFG Co. desk -- OMFG Co. work table

More of their great design and branding: