Sep 13 2011

Sustainable wood: It's not just for buildings! Check out this handmade boat...


This handmade boat boasts oars, gunwales, and breasthooks made out of local, sustainably sourced wood.  Isn't she a beauty?

Her name is Rosie, and she is the product of months of love and labor by a team of Portland women who, under the tutelage of the Wind and Oar boat school, took up woodworking tools for the first time in their lives and crafted this amazing functional piece of art.  The gunwales and oars are made of clear vertical grain Doug fir sourced from forests just outside of Portland; the beautifully figured maple in the breasthooks is from the central Willamette Valley; and the floor boards are made of local Alder.

Check out the photos here:  Rosie full length -- Rosie's breasthooks -- Rosie's Oars -- Oars close-up

Read more about Wind and Oar in this Oregonian feature.