Nov 02 2017

Myrtlewood Enjoys a Moment

By KC Eisenberg

Myrtlewood is enjoying a much-deserved moment in the spolight. Which is great, because this unique Oregon species has a look like no other.

A stalwart feature of souvenir shops and 1970's memorabilia, myrtlewood has for decades been known as "the Oregon wood." But despite its popularity for use as Christmas tree ornaments, puzzles, carved bowls, and other trinkets, it is only beginning to be known as a beautiful and unique choice for interior furnishings and flooring. It provides a warmth and silkiness that no other species can. Some special pieces of the wood are so lustrous that they appear nearly three-dimensional, like you can see down into the grain. 

We're delighted that local craftspeople have discovered this special wood and are using it for distinctive, memorable installations around town. Here are some of our favorites.

Breakside Brews' new Slabtown location
This brewpub uses myrtlewood for much of its dining room casework and seating. Paired with metal, black vinyl, and raw concrete, the look is fresh and modern, but still warm and inviting. The golden tones of the wood and the thoughtful details of the installation, by Mallet PDX, invite closer inspection.

Stumptown Reclaimed's myrtlewood dining tables
Stumptown Reclaimed specializes in furniture made from unique local woods. Not all is reclaimed; a good portion of what they make uses reclaimed fir, but they also use wood from salvage sources, including our myrtlewood. We love the rustic-meets-modern look of these special tables.