Jul 26 2011

Cellar Ridge makes exquisite cabinetry with Oregon White Oak


Earlier this year, Ryan pioneered a new product made of our locally-sourced Oregon White Oak:  Architectural-grade panels that are easy to work with and ideally suited for furniture and cabinetry.  To accomplish this, we partnered with Idaho Veneer, which slices our logs 1/40th of an inch thick -- a nearly paper-thin sheet of wood that exposes its exquisite grain pattern.

The wood is then pressed onto either FSC-certified, no added urea formaldehyde MDF cores for the 1/4" thick finished panels and plywood for the 3/4" finished panels.  The veneer process allows the grain pattern to be book-matched, which results in a near perfect symmetry on the finished product.

Cellar Ridge Custom Homes, based in McMinnville, recently used our Oregon White Oak panels in an Earth Advantage Platinum home in Northeast Portland.  Here, the Oregon White Oak adds an organic note, breaking up the clean angles of the very modern space.  We love the natural look of the oak on the ultra-mod cabinetry.  Check out the photos of the Oregon White Oak in the kitchen, and be sure to stop by this house during the Build It Green! tour this September.

Kitchen 1 -- Kitchen 2

Photos credit Sally Painter.