Oct 04 2012

Sustainable Sailing in San Francisco

By Ryan

In celebration of buidling of what might be the greenest ship ever attempted, the Educational Tall Ship Program and Sustainable Northwest hosted  a day in San Francisco Bay aboard their current floating classroom.  

As the 4-masted boat exited Richardson Bay, a brisk wind blew under the Golden Gate Bridge keeling the boat over.  Its cargo of green architects, Bay Area philanthropists, and leading sustainability thinkers grabbed on to whatever they could.  While rounding Alcatraz island passengers learned about the good work of ETS to provide environmental education to Bay Area youth.  Being a team that walks its talk, they have purchased Sustainable Northwest Wood's Oregon White Oak for their new boat, which is aspiring to meet the Living Building Challenge. 

Safely back in harbor we bid our shipmates farewell, but hope that we will hear from them again soon.