Apr 05 2021

Meyer Memorial Trust - Committed to Community

By Lynn Morgan

Meyer Memorial Trust

It's always inspiring to see projects begin with a commitment to community, equity and conservation goals and to be part of those projects right from the start.  Meyer Memorial Trust's   new headquarters was one such project.  Established in 1982 from the estate of Fred G. Meyer, the foundation focuses their work on housing, education, the environment and building stronger communities and is committed to investing in change at the systemic level to ease inequities and disparities in Oregon. 

We joined forces with our parent company, Sustainable Northwest,  LEVER Architecture,  and O'Neil/Walsh Community Builders to help source and provide many of the sustainable wood products in this aspirational new project.  Read the full and in-depth CASE STUDY by Sustainable Northwest to see all the partnerships and thought that went into this amazing building.

Photo Credits to LEVER Architecture (Rendering)  and Meyer Memorial Trust