Jun 11 2020

Portland Audubon & Sustainable NW Wood - Together for Nature

By Lynn Morgan

Nestled in 172 acres of protected land adjoining Forest Park in Portland, Oregon, The Audubon Society of Portland is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to wildlife. Their Wildlife Care Center is Oregon's oldest and busiest wildlife rehabilitation facility, treating more than 3,000 injured and orphaned native animals and responding to more than 10,000 wildlife-related inquiries a year.  When planning new and improved structures to house the animals in their care, they turned to Sustainable NW Wood for materials that reflect their long term commitment to conservation.    

Selecting local FSC Certified Western Red Cedar and Western Juniper lumber from restoration projects in Eastern Oregon, general contractor, conservationist and former Audubon employee,  Esther Forbyn created beautiful structures for the Audubon's permanent residents that are not able to be released back into the wild.  With thoughtful planning for the animals'  well-being, safety of the care-takers, and a commitment to quality materials that reflect the values of Portland Audubon, the structures are mostly women-built with all local materials.  These open-air mews allow the animals to feel connected to the surrounding forest, while keeping them safe.  Birds like Ruby the Turkey Vulture,  Julio the Great Horned OwlAristophanes the Raven and Xena the American Kestrel are now permanent residents of the Wildlife Care Center due to injuries and human imprinting that would make it impossible for them to survive in the wild. They are now living as educational ambassadors for their species and Portland Audubon.  The Wildlife Care Center is free and open to the public and a wonderful way to connect with these magical creatures up close and personal.