Jun 20 2016

Whole-Log Design: Making Use of the Entire Tree

By KC Eisenberg

In Portland, we hear a lot about nose-to-tail cooking, a movement which strives to use every edible part of the animal, not just the prime cuts. We're interested in expanding this concept to lumber products: finding uses for less-than-premium cuts of wood as a way to minimize waste and maximize the yield of the logs.

We've recently helped facilitate projects that make use of juniper jacket boards, which are generally considered waste and are most often relegated to the firewood pile. These are the outer slices of the log that are the first to get cut off when the log goes through the mill. The jacket boards still have the bark attached and show the curve of the tree trunk, with only one flat side.

Check out this fence that uses the jacket boards for the horizontal barriers. We love the rustic look, evocative of a split-rail fence but with more structure.

Our clients have also used jacket boards as siding for chicken coops, sheds, even for retail displays.

What kind of creative projects could you use these boards for?

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